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    Unable to restrict total digits for a field of "decimal" type in XML


      I have following requirement- A BPEL process which takes XML file as input and gives XML file as output using FTP adapter; with data transformation in-between.

      For one of the field "std_value" (of type "decimal") on the target side , total no. of digits need to be restricted to 12 and fraction digits to 4.If more than 12 digits come from source , the interface should fail. I placed the following restriction in the target side XSD file for this field:

      <xs:attribute name="std_value" use="optional">
      <xs:restriction base="xs:decimal">
      <xs:minInclusive value="-1" />
      <xs:totalDigits value="12"/>
      <xs:fractionDigits value="4"/>

      When i test the transformation XSLT in jdev for more than 12 digits , it is clearly showing it as invalid. But on actual run after deploying it, it is violating this "totalDigits" restriction.
      The BPEL is of 1.1 specification and SOA server is

      Appreciate the help!