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    generate complete DDL statement


      as far as I understand the sophisticated "Generate DDL" mechanism in ODI, it is mainly focused on identifying differences to the actual implementation of an object, what's called "Upgrade" in OWB. But what I need is an equivalent to OWB's "Create" and "Replace" functionality, the ability to generate a complete definition of a table for example which is not a new one.
      Does such a feature exists in ODI?

      best regards
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          Hi Thomas,

          As far as I know, it is not possible to replace a DB table from ODI.

          The only the features are :

          - Reverse-Engineering : Retrieve the metadata from DB Table to build an ODI Datastore. You can update your ODI datastore by running it again but only new columns would be added. (So if you remove a column from your DB table and reverse-engineer the table, the column will NOT be removed from your datastore)

          - With most of KMs, you can create a DB table by setting "Create Target Table" to true in your interface's flow tab.

          Hope it helps,
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            Hi Thomas,

            If you are able to create an empty "dummy" schema in your database, then point your Model to that schema, you should be able to achieve the code you want using the Generate DDL functionality. A workaround, but it gets results.

            Michael Rainey