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    WebCenter Portal - Portlet Producer - Invoke WebService from Portlet

      I created a new WebCenter Portal - Portlet Producer application (JDev with default view.jspx and edit.jspx. With a Hello World in the View.jspx, I am able to launch that page through the Integrated Weblogic server (right click on View.jspx and click Run). My requirement is to invoke a WebService from the Backing Bean, set certain attributes in the backingbean and then access those properties from the view.jspx as ("#{backingbean.<propertyname>}"). I created the WebService client proxy from the wsdl and the WebService proxy wizard using JDeveloper and the client classes are generated in the Portal - Portlet Producer application project. It compiles through "Make All". When I right click on the View.jspx and say "Run", it starts deployment on the Integrated WebLogic server. During deployment, I get an error "NoClassDefFoundError" on the "PortType" object that was generated through the WebService Proxy wizard.. (java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: WEB-INF/classes/service/User_PortType (wrong name: service/User_PortType)

      Is there something wrong that I am doing here? Or is it that from the BackingBean of the PortletProducer application, I cannot invoke any webservice at all?
      Can someone please help me here?