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    JSF Alternative

      Dear All,

      I have experience with JSP, Struts and JSF all. But from last 2 year I was apart from development. Now I got a new project.

      I started with mojaara JSF 2.1 and development is quite fast until I don't need to integrate javascript & servlet.
      when I tried to make 1 fileupload with JSF. it sucks.
      when I want Ajax call on <select><option>One</option><option>Two</option><option>Three</option></select> again I have to work 3 time as compare to if I want the same in JSP.

      I tried library like primefaces but then the problem of CSS is stopping me. it 2 difficult to change style-sheet for each component.

      I am not too far from starting point. So I need advise from all expert that should I continue with JSF 2.1 or
      basedon my scenario where javascript and css and ajax call is heavily required switch to simple JSP.

      Syed Saifuddin
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          JSF2 has ajax support built in already.
          What problems exactly are you facing with it that you think will be solved by switching to another framework?
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            CSS in PrimeFaces is quite easy to override using basic css overriding techniques if you have basic css knowledge. Have you posted your problem to the PrimeFaces Forum?

            FileUpload is quite trivial as well in PrimeFaces, even dragdrop from filesystem is supported via html5 and a simple uploader is available basic uploads.
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              Thankyou very much for responding.

              Let me take a very small example. [ core JSF withlot any custom component ].

              enter email address and when submit. I want a message "You are subscribe to newsletter".

              <h:inputTest id="email" value=""/>

              then I have managedbean where I took value of textfield and enter in db.
              and my navigation rule return to same page with msg "You are subscribe to newsletter".

              how can I utilize built in ajax support.

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                You might need a bit more experience in JSF before taking on a large project.
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                  Hi Nik

                  your answer is very helpful. Can I get few more similar link like you post in the last reply.

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                    Just google for JSF 2 tutorial etc. Or get a book.