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    Performance Problem with the Scenebuilder

      i have a very annoying problem with the scenebuilder. When I'm working with the scenebuilder it takes about 5-6 Minutes till it crashes. First everything is fine, and nothing 'laggs' and slows down. But then, from Minute to Minute it seems like it's getting worse. After about 6 minutes the Scenebuilder shows absolutely no response, so i have to shut it down violently. When this happens my Computer perfomance is very bad, my mouse is moving very slow and you can't open other windows, because the CPU Usage is about 100%. I don't think it has something todo with any of my programs or the memory. Is this a known bug in the scene builder? Downloaded the beta version 1.1, nothing changed, same problem. Even if i quit the scenebuilder, it takes the computer 1-2 minutes to 'calm down', but then everything works fine, i can start the scenebuilder again and work with it, until the described situation starts again.
      Has anyone ever experienced same or similar problems?

      I'm using Windows XP
      NVIDIA GeForce 6600
      Duo Core Intel pentium 4 cpu 3.00GHz
      and 4GB Ram (3 Usable)

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          You might want to use jvisualvm.exe from your JDK to find out what is going on. It is certainly not normal.
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            hey, thanks. how do i exactly execute it, and where do i find it ? What information will it give?
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              You find it in the bin folder of your JDK installation. It is a VM monitoring program. You can attach to the running SceneBuilder instance and see what it is actually doing. For more details I have to refer you to the documentation.
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                Yves Joan-Oracle
                Can you check if your system supports hardware acceleration ? Take Help > About Scene Builder then details are printed in the JavaFX section.
                Your graphic card doesn't seem listed in http://docs.oracle.com/javafx/2/system_requirements_2-2/jfxpub-system_requirements_2-2.htm so you may use software pipeline.
                Can you also say what reads the Product Version section, still in About window, for SceneBuilder 1.1 ?

                What pointing device do you use: a trackpad or a mouse ?

                Are you opening some "specific" FXML files ?
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                  Hi guys, thank you for your help.
                  I've found the jvisualvm, but i've never worked with it before, so its kinda hard for me to get correctly started with it.

                  Product Version
                  JavaFX Scene Builder 1.1 (Developer Preview)

                  Build Information
                  Version: 1.1-b07, Changeset: efd98fc8de3f
                  Date: 2012-09-27 09:11

                  Toolkit = QuantumToolkit
                  Pipeline = D3DPipeline
                  Hardware acceleration ENABLED

                  Operating System
                  Windows XP, x86, 5.1

                  Java Version
                  1.7.0_06, Oracle Corporation, 1.7.0_06-b24
                  I'm using a mouse.
                  Specific? Not that I know of! What do you exactly mean? I can give you some snippets of my files, that may be relevant.
                  File 1:
                      private CheckBox  radarCheckBox;
                      private CheckBox  dataFeederCheckBox;
                      private CheckBox  view2CheckBox;
                      private CheckBox  labelsCheckBox;
                      private Button    quitButton;
                      private Slider    rangeSlider;
                      private Slider    lowerHeightSlider;
                      private Slider    upperHeightSlider;
                      private ChoiceBox speedVectorChoiceBox;
                      private ChoiceBox numberOfHistoriePoints;
                      private RadioButton radioZero;
                      private RadioButton radioFünf;
                      private RadioButton radioZehn;
                      private RadioButton radioFünfzehn;
                      private RadioButton radioZwanzig;
                      private RadioButton radioFünfzwanzig;
                  File 2:
                      private Button    tracksCloseButton;
                      private Button    tracksStopButton;
                      private Button    tracksPauseButton;
                      private TextField tracksTextField;
                  file 3:
                      private TextField oneTrackTextField;   
                      private Button getTrackBtn;
                      private CheckBox followCheckBox;
                  Thanks for your help! :-)
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                    Yves Joan-Oracle
                    You benefit hardware acceleration, great !

                    My advice is to move to the very latest SceneBuilder 1.1, build b11 or later.
                    Post b07 a change has been brought that is likely to solve your issue, let us know.
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                      Didn't know there were a newer version, i updated on b11. let's hope and see if it works. Will give feedback!
                      Thank you very much! :-) :-) !
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                        Hey all,
                        unfortunately nothing changed with the new version. Worked with the scenebuilder for about 15 Minutes, when the performance started to get worse again. Scenebuilder crashed and i had to close it violently with the task manager (had to wait a few minutes, cause not even the task manager was responding, thats how bad it get's when the scene builder goes crazy, lol). Yeah, so still unsolved, and it also seems like i am the only frikkin' one who got this annoying problem.
                        Any other suggestions or ideas?
                        Thank you,
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                          You certainly are not alone, I'm having a similar experience with JavaFX Scene Builder 1.1 on my Ubuntu 12.04.
                          In my case, the duration of normal working is longer, but eventually it gets really heavy and finally I need to force close it.
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                            Yves Joan-Oracle
                            I reproduced the issue on some XP system of mine. I created a bug in JIRA: http://javafx-jira.kenai.com/browse/DTL-5438. You may add yourself as watcher to follow it.
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                              From my profiling, SceneBuilder takes up gobs and gobs of memory when moving things around in a scene. Try allocating more memory to SceneBuilder.
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                                Jerome Cambon
                                As a workaround, you can hide the panels when don't use them, especially the inspector panel, which is resource consuming (type Ctrl-8 to hide/show)