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    Collapsible Section minimize by default

      When I create a section collapsible I see my section expanded.

      Is possible to get minimize by default?

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          Christian Berg
          The fact that a section is collapsed is actually a container state as visible in the XML behind a saved customization. The XML storing the definition of the dashboard only contains collapsilble="true" or "false", but not the actual state.

          Customization example:
          <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
          <sawsel:dashboardSelections xmlns:sawsel="com.siebel.analytics.web/dashselections/v1" xmlns:sawst="com.siebel.analytics.web/state/v1" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" version="0.7">
          <sawst:envState xmlVersion="200811100"><sawst:container cid="d:dashboard" xsi:type="sawst:topLevelStateContainer">
          <sawst:container cid="p:5f17p12grfof9tb1" xsi:type="sawst:page" inDashboardPage="true">
          <sawst:container cid="r:or12dfr4au2qvktmj" xsi:type="sawst:report" defaultView="compoundView!1" folder="/shared/something" itemName="something"/>
          <sawst:container cid="s:0hq4f94fvkfgpg" xsi:type="sawst:section" minimized="true"/></sawst:container></sawst:container></sawst:envState></sawsel:dashboardSelections>
          Key part: xsi:type="sawst:section" minimized="true"

          Not sure if creating a shared customization valid for all users for each and every single dashboard page would be worth it.
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            Hi Christian,

            I followed your link and was able to get the desired result. https://forums.oracle.com/forums/message.jspa?messageID=10423215#10423215_ Thanks

            I had to do the above in all my reports.

            My bigger concern now is that whenever I create a new user, the selections* folder is empty. So, I have to copy the content of selections folder into the _selections folder of the new user and only then I get my sections in the reports for the new user as collapsed. I have to perform this 3-4 steps for every user I create. Is this how it is in OBIEE11g or this is a bug ?

            Thanks n Regards
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              Not sure what code you have used. I have successfully done this using the javascript code embedded in a text object (contains HTML marked)within the section. This should work for all users without doing anything else

              <script type="text/javascript">

              Replace your-section-id-here with the actual section id which you are trying to auto-collapse by default. It will be something like d:dashboard~p:unsm5na5r999jejc~s:mvd7gvgnq90nad7m
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                Hi Layman

                Do you have to create a saved customization to get the sectionid?

                I want to collaspe a section but can seem to find the section id like


                Where can i find this sectionid?

                Please advise


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                  The section id can be seen in the html code(View Source) of the rendered html page/report. Best to use firebug on FIrefox so that you can easlly see each individual element's html code.