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    Late Replication

      Is it possible to have a late replication of primary database to secondary database using data gaurd?
      Say for example, my primary database get refreshed every 3 days i.e drops all the tables and recreates them and repopulates them.
      This takes roughly another 2 days.
      During this time I need the secondary stand by database to be up and running so that reports can be generated from the previous data.
      Its ok to have a 2-3 days lag.
      As soon as the refresh process in primary database is complete, we can start the data gaurd and the secondary database also gets refreshed with the primary database i.e. the all tables get dropped and recreated and re-populated.

      Is this feasible/possible?
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          feasible = Might consider something else. You don't need a standby, you need a point in time copy.

          I might just clone the Primary every so often using RMAN instead.



          With this method all you have to do is shutdown the remote database and have an INIT for its RMAN clone. RMAN will replace everything for you.

          possible = Yes as long as you can keep all that archive around. DEFER would work.

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