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    LCM - - Migrate NON EPMA application

    Essbase Reject

      New to and to NON EPMA apps. Trying to migrate a classic Planning application from one server to another in I have exported all the artifacts (just in case). On the target system I have my Data Source created and I created the application with three Plan Types that match my source app exactly. So basically need to know is there a particular order I need to 'import' these artifacts into my target system in order to properly create the apps? I wanted to start with just the outlines. Then move on to the bus rules, calc's, webforms etc... I'm getting the below error and a message 'No Dimensions Found'. I don't see anything irregular with each of the members listed below.

      Error in migrating artifact, "/Global Artifacts/Common Dimensions/Standard Dimensions/Account".
      Import failed for the following reason - Rejecting Member Physical_Location.Rejecting Member Job_Title.Rejecting Member Start_Month.Rejecting Member End_Month.Rejecting Member Transfer_Month.Rejecting Member Transfer_Date.Rejecting Member PaySchedule.Rejecting Member AssetApproved.Rejecting Member InSvcDate.Rejecting Member Asset_Category.Rejecting Member Asset_Priority.