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    export/import project with child components

      We are on ODI We exported new project with child components from DEV instance and wanted to import the exported XML file into TEST instance using Synonym INSERT mode. We have some interfaces whose names are identical in other old project in both DEV and TEST instances. If we import the new project XML file into the TEST instance with Synonym INSERT, will it cause an issue ? What is the best approach to deal with export/import between different instances when some of the object names are identical between the projects? I would appreciate if someone respond with suggestions.

      Thanks in advance
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          It doesn't really matter that the names are the same. Each object in ODI is assigned a unique object ID and that is what is used when an import is performed to determine what action is taken in the target repsitory. As long as that ID doesn't match an ID that already exists in your target repository then you will be ok if using Synonym Insert, although I'd suggest using Synonym Insert/Update. Part of the object ID is based on the ID of the repository the object was exported from originally, therefore as long as you have unique repsitory IDs across your environments (basic good practice) then you shouldn't hit any significant issues.
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            Thanks a lot for quick response.
            Thanks again