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    WCS11G - Start Menu Items for Admin interface?

      I'm looking into WCS 11G since I need to migrate a 7.5.5 site.

      As it looks now, code or structure won't be modified to better support features such as supporting the contributor interface better so a lot of our users will expect to use the admin interface.

      I am however having an issue enabling simple start menu items for content. I.e. a simple Start Menu Item for a Page, simply will not show up. It shows up just fine in the contributor interface however.

      I've been going through all the documentation, but I cannot see any references to there being any limits on what kind of assets can be presented in the admin interface.

      Is this a bug I'm experiencing? Or simply an approach taken to force users over to the contributor interface?


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          By default the Admin UI will not show certain asset types, this is intentional and controlled by the property advancedUI.enableAssetForms in futuretense_xcel.ini. If you set this to true and restart then the Page assets and others will show up. Here's an extract from the Property Files Reference Guide:

          Used to enable and disable the WebCenter Sites
          Admin interface for content contributors. Access
          to the following assets is affected:
          • All flex assets and their parent assets
          • All basic assets
          • Engage assets, such as recommendations,
          segments and promotions
          • Query, Collection, and Page assets
          By default, this property is set to false, which
          disables the WebCenter Sites Admin interface for
          content contributors. The assets listed above
          cannot be created, edited, searched for, or deleted,
          except from the WebCenter Sites Contributor
          interface, where they are supported by default.
          Note: In the Contributor interface, asset types and
          assets intended for developers are either available
          only for inspection or they are inaccessible. They
          must be accessed from the WebCenter Sites
          Admin interface. For a comparison of features in
          the Contributor and Admin interfaces, see the
          WebCenter Sites User’s Guide.
          Default value: false