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    Invoking  scenario when a particular form is submitted..?

    Vishnu Bovilla
      Hi All,

      Here i have a situation where scenario should be used..

      I have a search form where i enter some SKU/Product id and click on search button.. I need to invoke particular scenario by this form submission.. How to pass formSubmission event from searchForm to scenario.. In that scenario i redirect to another page where result for the search are displayed..

      Thanks in Advance,
      VishnuVardhan Bovilla
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          You can use the formSubmission event of the scenario to invoke any action.
          Note that forms do not trigger this event by default; you must set the sendMessages property of the form handler component to true to have this event work correctly.

          So whenever your search form will be submitted your scenario will be called.

          For more info you can go through the formSubmit event in the following link