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    Maximum of strings in a group

      Hi, I have adata like:

      Product| Sub product| description

      A|subproduct2|This is product A
      A|subproduct3|This is product A
      A|Subproduct4|This is product A

      I have first row as blank for decripton
      but for Other's Its the samedescription

      I have to group by the product, But the description in template output is showing BLANK. It should show "This is product A" for Product column with value 'A' thogh the first row has a null/blank description. For some reason, I think it is taking just the first row and ignoring all others.

      Can we take maximum of strings in that group ?. I tried it, but whenever I add a MAX function, the description field is changing to NUMBER instead of TEXT.

      Any inputs?