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    Unable to View the newly created Custom Siebel BI Publisher Report


      I am in the process of creating few BI Publisher reports in Siebel using BI Publisher Desktop Tool MS Word Add in tool. In this process, before creating an Siebel BI Publisher report, I have completed the Siebel - BI Publisher Integration steps following the Siebel Reports Guide chapter 4 (Integrating Oracle BI Publisher with Siebel Business Applications).

      I have created a sample report with bunch of Integration objects following this way :
      1) created a sample schema in siebel tools with few out the box integration objects
      2) Created a sample template using BI Publisher desktop *** in tool using the sample schema
      3) Registered report template in siebel in custom report section of BI Publisher reports in Siebel and also associated a view for this report
      4) When I click the report icon of the particular view and select either pdf of rtf or excel format, I get an error without opening a report as below: "Error<?> Invoking Method<?> for Business Service "<?>" (SBL-OMS-00203)

      Help me resolving this issue as In I can view my newly created report from the report icon in siebel screen