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    Problem with running plugin sample

      In addition to my earlier thread...
      A very important question about the HostSample-Help needed!
      My problem is as folow;

      I'm using EM12c ( and want to run the host system example which was packed with the EDK.
      I got to the step ( in the README) 2.3 "Run Guided Discovery To Add Target"
      I followed the steps there (add target...,select add non host...select discover demo) etc.

      Now, when I click the button add using "guided discovery" I got a page with a 3 column table:
      Agent name,status ,target home.
      I chooses the agent , and noticed that I'm target home colum
      It's said :enter parameter value to be passed to discovery script
      When I click next I got an error:
      Unexpected error:null
      ....unable to select all targets;selection criteria must be specified....
      Than,it there is a infinite saying "Dicovery Running..."

      What is the problem??
      I created,import,deploy the plugin with no errors and checked in the EM console that it is there
      deployed etc.
      I really need it to work I'm order to continue creating my own plugin..

      Any help will be appriciated!