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        I think that both my problems reltated to the thing that I couldn't add
        a target to the plugin.when I try to add a target like this:
        Add target manually-add non host target by specifying target...
        In the Target Type I enter Demo CPU
        in monitoring agent I chooses my agent,click Addanually
        I get the next screen Add Demo CPU
        I enter CPU number and use generated data=true
        Than click ok.I get a window saying :
        Add target-in progress.but ,it never stops...
        I use the Hostsystem demo
        When I look in the ProgrammersReference at chapter 3
        3.9: Troubleshooting the target creation...
        I looked in the files(there are some..) named emoms.trc
        and looked for the lines :EntityManager.createEntities
        or the line : EntityUtil ,I can't find them...

        Any ideas?
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          There are two different plug-ins and a number of different target types and it sounds like you are getting confused between them. The Demo CPU target type is associated with the demo_hostsystem plug-in but you've been talking about trying to run/debug the HostSample.swf from FlashBuilder. The HostSample.swf is part of the demo_hostsample plugin and can only be used to monitor a demo_hostsample target type. So, please follow the instructions in sections 2.1 and 2.2 of the README to create and deploy the demo_hostsample plugin (oracle.sysman.ohs).

          Once you have it deployed, you need to manually add a target instance of the demo_hostsample (Demo Plugin Sample Host). To do this bring up the EM console and go to Setup->Add Target->Add Targets Manually.
          . select "Add Non-Host Targets by Specifying Target Monitoring Properties"
          . select The "Demo Plugin Sample Host" Target Type
          . select you agent as the Monitoring Agent
          . click "Add Manually..."
          . on the "Add Demo Plugin Sample Host" page that appears
          . enter a unique Target Name, something like "HostSample1"
          . for the "Use Generated Data?" property, enter "true" if your agent is on Linux or "false" if on some non-Linux host
          . click "OK"

          Then verify that you can see the target you added by going to the "Targets->All Targets" menu item, and clicking on the target you just added. You should see the target homepage at this point. IF all of this works, you may then go to FlashBuilder and run the HostSample.swf file from the demo_hostsample project that you imported into FlashBuilder. Again, this will only work if you've properly accepted the security certificate in the SAME browser you launch from FlashBuilder.

          Please read and follow these instructions exactly.
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            It's pk now: your answer in in other post was right!
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