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    Not able to open dynamo admim page

      while trying to open the dynamo admim page i am getting this error,.please help me on this i am not able see the dynamo admin page below is the error log i am

      Unable to execute the command 'javac -target 1.5 -classpath C:\MYProject\Oracle\Middleware\jdk160_29\jre\lib\resources.jar;C:\MYProject\Oracle\Middleware\jdk160_29\jre\lib\rt.jar;C:\MYProject\Oracle\Middleware\jdk160_29\jre\lib\sunrsasign.jar;C:\MYProject\Oracle\Middleware\jdk160_29\jre\lib\jsse.jar;C:\MYProject\Oracle\Middleware\jdk160_29\jre\lib\jce.jar;C:\MYProject\Oracle\Middleware\jdk160_29\jre\lib\charsets.jar;C:\MYProject\Oracle\Middleware\jdk160_29\jre\lib\modules\jdk.boot.jar;C:\MYProject\Oracle\Middleware\jdk160_29\jre\classes; ..........................

      The detailed exception is: java.io.IOException: Cannot run program "javac": CreateProcess error=87, The parameter is incorrect
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          Nitin Khare
          Hope your JAVA_HOME\bin directory is in the system path so that javac executable is available in path which is required to compile the dyn/admin home jhtml page. If it is fine then see if you are encountering a possible issue related to long classpath. You may refer this thread:
          Re: PageCompileServlet Exception when opening dyn/admin

          As a workaround, you can try to access /dyn/admin/nucleus.
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            Never seen this type of issue.
            But by looking at the exception trace, i guess this might be an issue with System variables. Check the 'Path' variable, it should be pointing to the JDK bin folder.