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    TimesTen Oracle Pre-Sales team


      We are interested in evaluating Oracle's TimesTen product

      What type of services does TimesTen Pre-sales group provide, is there contact information please?

      Thanks, all the best.
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          Please contact your local Oracle sales office who will be only too happy to help

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            Hi Tim,

            Thank you for your reply.

            I guess at some level I would like to avoid getting the sales pitch and work directly with timesten technical people.

            I am curious in finding out, if timesten pre-sales is able to do a deeper analysis and provide information if timesten makes sense for our web and BI applications. Examine our schemas and application architecture. What is the level of their involvement?
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              Gennady Sigalaev
              Hi 965670,

              Oracle presales consultants work in a team with sales, so I think you should include sale person in this project. I know it because I worked for Oracle. :) but anyway you can contact with technical consultant directly.

              Regarding deeper analysis, it is really depends on consultant' s qualification and knowledge. When I worked for Oracle CIS, I did this kind of expertise( architecture and application analysis, POC and etc.). I think there are a lot of people who can do it in US. Please contact the local Oracle office and ask them.

              Best regards,