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    Delete Record


      i have table in my database with name expense_sheet where i m saving my records and pk is no record_id

      and other a view in my database with name exp_sheet
      i m wathing 15 record in my oracle from using trigger when new form instant go_block('exp_sheet'); execute_query;
      its showing me all feeded data i want to add a button in form which delete my record
      a seperate button display in front of each record because maximun record show is 15

      in view we cannot delete the record so please help me how to do this
      =================================================or ================================
      if i use check box and one delete button then what should i do

      I m new in oracle so please help me thanks

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          Generally It is not advisable to delete record from View Block.

          Instead in the button - write code -when button pressed

          Delete Expeness_sheet where id_no =:exp_sheet.rec_id;


          Hope you got it
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            add the item of pushbutton in the same block with same canvas.
            you will find the buttons will be of same number as of corr. items. in that block;
            just use delete_record; in the when button pressed.

            for checkbox just have a checkbox item like pushbutton
            give checkd and uncheced values in the button.