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    Create local oracle xe version of production database schema


      I'm not sure whether this is possible but I would like a team to have their own versions of the current live database schema content running on their own local machines using oracle xe. I've done a fair bit of research but cannot for the life of me work out if it's possible. I have no direct access to the live servers except a read only ip address, port, schema username and password so am unable to create directories or database links. What I would like to do is a direct import of all tables on the database schema from the remote server to a local database. The ideal solution is to use the impdp command but I'm unsure of the format of this command when the import is coming from a remote server as I am not allowed to logon to the live server for obvious reasons. If possible I would like to script it so avoid editing tnsnames.ora but if this is unavoidable then I will have to live with this.

      Can I create a database link from my laptop to the remote server and then run the impdp? If so, what would be the format of the command given I have to use the ip address, port etc...

      Sorry if this is a basic question but I would like my team to be completely independant from the network if at all possible.

      Hope someone can help me.