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    SOA 11g Processes executing very slowly


      Have installed SOA in a two node cluster. Facing an issue where each process is taking too long to finish the execution. Even a very simple process takes quite a bit to process. Have a simple process which queries OID if a user exists and it takes over 8 seconds to finish. The same process deployed takes less than a second on a local system. Have only the below condition in a BPEL process and taking forever to execute.
      The same process executes in a less than a second on a local system pointing to the same OID instance. Same way all the processes are executing slower. Have over 100+ processes deployed. Even purged all the data in the DB but still runs slower. Wondering how to make the performance of the processes, mediators better, what are is that can be done at the system level any configurations, threads, jvm settings etc.

      What settings can I work on to make the Server to process requests efficiently.

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          I believe you're having communication/network issues in your cluster environment... For the same process to run faster in a local environment than in a cluster... Either network issues or the configuration (memory/processor/disk) of your cluster hosts are much worst compared to local environment...
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            Have tested the same process on a non-clustered environment same box where the cluster is installed don't see any performance issue there it's just the cluster where seeing this issue. As we have over 100+ SOA Processes most of them AIA and some BPM Processes too.

            As the non-clustered environment where tested this flow doesnot have all those flows deployed.


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