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    CO Extenstion issue

      Hi all

      I am trying to extend CO....

      1. Created New WorkSpace
      2. New Project
      3. Trying to create New class

      Class window opens i enter class name , package name, and now i want to give extends values

      but it is not allowing to enter me extend value

      as i download CO file to my local machine and trying to locate that file in etend value...but giving error as not avalable

      Please suggest where i get wrong
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          Sushant Sharma

          Where have you put your standard controller file?
          It should be there under myclasses.

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            yes i put under myclass folder only

            and trying to search that...but only folder get viewable ...not getting that file under folder tree....

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              Lokesh ,

              You won't be able to view the class files from Jdeveloper , you need to decompile to convert them back to
              java file . All your java files should be in Myprojects and class files should be Myclasses . (Only java files are editable not class files )

              Make sure you create OA project and OA work space , now select your project and import the java file it should allow
              you to edit and compile from Jdeveloper .

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                Bhardwaj Ankur
                Hi Lokesh,

                Keerthi is absolutely right.

                But for the simplicity if you want to decompile the class file in the Jdeveloper you will have to add any decompiler in your Jdeveloper via External Tools Option.
                Now You will be able to see all the contents of the class file in the same place.

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                  You have to use java De-compiler(Jdu) and put that co in same path

                  Thanks ,