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    Redirect loop on application 4550

    Dovi Lilling
      Hi all.

      Oracle XE 11g
      Apex 4.1 which was upgraded from 4.0 long ago.
      Win 7

      I've changed the "Require HTTPS attribute" to Yes on the Security Settings page in Oracle Application Express Administration Services (, and after applying the change, going to the DEV or administration pages (, respectively), results in a redirection to http://localhost:8080/apex/f?p=4550:10:<sessionID>::::: or http://localhost:8080/apex/f?p=4550:1:<sessionID>::::: (again, respectively), and a redirect loop error.

      When going to, the browser redirects to, and gets the old-known "Application not found" error (which is OK, I guess - the error, not the redirect address).

      And the most strange thing - when going to the app I developed directly (<appID>:1:<sessionID>:::::), it works OK (no edit buttons, though, although I log in as admin).

      As you might guessed by now, the App is very important to me, and I don't want to lose it.

      Can anyone please help? this is very urgent!
      Thank you!
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          Mehabub Sheikh
          Reversing HTTPS Requirement To reverse the Require HTTPS instance-level requirement:
          1. Connect in SQL*Plus or SQL Developer with the Application Express engine
          schema as the current schema, for example:
          ■ On Windows:
          SYSTEM_DRIVE:\ sqlplus /nolog
          connect sys as sysdba
          ■ On UNIX and Linux:
          $ sqlplus /nolog
          connect sys as sysdba
          When prompted enter the appropriate password.
          2. Run the following statement:
          3. Run the following statements:
          This will set the HTTPS back to No

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            Dovi Lilling
            Thank you, Mehabub.
            I've already re-installed the APEX, after exporting my app using PL\SQL via this VERY helpful post by Joe Upshaw: Re: How to Export APEX Pages (don't forget to populate the app ID in APEX_APP_BACKUP_TARGETS), and that helped to reverse this situation.
            Your suggestion worked also to reverse this setting (yes, checked it again).

            But the question is what is the problem in requiring HTTPS, and how do I solve it.

            Thank you!