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    Ethernet performance going down after upgrading to S11U1

      I upgraded from S11-SRU11 to S11U1-SRU1. Until approx. 5 min after reboot, the ethernet performance is as I am used to it before the upgrade, at about 113 Mbps on a e1000g (which is pretty close to the physical maximum). Then suddenly the throughput goes down significantly, and I measure everything between 8 Mbps and 69 Mbps. Rebooting does not help.

      After going back to S11-SRU11 via snapshot, the old performance of 113 Mbps is back, and consistenly.

      All throughput is measured with nttcp-1.147 on Solaris and PCATTCP-0114 on Windows 7.

      Has anyone seen that behaviour, too?