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    Oracle Forms 11g R2

      I have done the following to Install Oracle Forms 11g R2 on a windows 7 64 bit computer. For some reason I am just not able to complete my installation. I will really appreciate any help from any one on this forum.

      1.     I downloaded jdk-6u30-windows-x64 from the web and installed it on my computer
      2.     I created Junctions of all the paths that have spaces in them, for example I made a Junction for “Program Group” as “pg”. The Paths which was “c:\Program Group\MSoffice” is now “c:\pg\MSoffice”. Once all the Junctions were completed and tested, I changed the “Path” environment variable and used the Junctions in the Path variable. I have no more spaces in my Path.
      3.     I downloaded wls1035_generic from the web and successfully installed it.
      4.     I then downloaded ofm_frmrpts_win_11. from the web and unpacked it and installed it. In the installation part, first I just used the option of just installing and not configuring. Once the installation was completed, I started doing the configuration part. This is where I am getting stuck. The process of “Creating Domain” takes a long time and then it fails. After the failure, the process starts doing “Creating ASInstance” and hangs there forever with no progress.

      I will really appreciate any help from any one in successfully completing this process of Installation.
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          FYI I don't think forms had a problem with spaces historically but java might have. So don't install the jdk in a directory with spaces in it (nor have the name be too big, have unusual characters in it, etc) Be sure no java related environment variables have spaces in them like JAVA_HOME, CLASSPATH whatever. (at the command prompt type
          set to see them. The biggest forms problem in my experience was with parentheses in the path. (Some other people have suggested this to that author but she has not changed her directions:

          Regarding this junction thing I don't know what you did there. That sounds scary. The way to get rid of bad things
          in the path in my experience was to replace IN THE PATH (which is an environment variable) the offending items with the 8.3 versions. The path problem was that something in the path, even if it had nothing to do with forms, was able to derail forms from running as forms tripped over evaluating the path.

          The biggest offender in the past was "program files (x86)" which is created by windows typically so the likelihood of it being there is about 99.9%. So you would check what the 8.3 name of that was (from a current directory of c:\ dir *.* /x )
          The good thing about the 8.3 trick is that either version was accepted by windows programs. Whereas if you actually changed the name of a directory like "Program Files" to "ProgramFiles" then all the references to that would have to be modified and it would cause everything in program files to probably quit working. But referring to any directory by its 8.3 name continues to work.

          dir program*.* /x
          results would likely be:
          Program Fiiles progra~1
          Program Files (x86) progra~2

          And replace program files (x86) IN THE PATH environment variable with the /x version (progra~2)
          accessing environment variables:
          control panel,
          system and security
          advanced system settings
          environment variables
          system variables
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            These instructions from the same person look better.

            In the past versions of forms 11 the node manager was a problem and had to be stopped before you could configure
            forms. Might check services to see if it is running and if so stop it.

            Also about running test forms. Note that they are running test forms with IE. If you were running a different browser
            then the default configuration very likely would not work to run the form.

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