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    csalter.plb problem


      I am struggling with the following problem.

      After run CSSAN I am trying to run csalter.plb, but this problem occur:

      SQL> @c:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_1\RDBMS\ADMIN\csalter.plb
      +0 vytvorenych riadkov.+
      Funkcia vytvorena.
      Funkcia vytvorena.
      Procedura vytvorena.
      This script will update the content of the Oracle Data Dictionary.
      Please ensure you have a full backup before initiating this procedure.
      Would you like to proceed (Y/N)?y
      stary   6:     if (UPPER('&conf') <> 'Y') then
      novy   6:     if (UPPER('y') <> 'Y') then
      Checking data validility...
      Sorry only one session is allowed to run this script*
      Procedura PL/SQL skoncila uspesne.
      Checking or Converting phrase did not finish successfully
      No database (national) character set will be altered
      CSALTER finished unsuccessfully.
      Procedura PL/SQL skoncila uspesne.
      +0 zrusenych riadkov.+
      Funkcia zrusena.
      Funkcia zrusena.
      Procedura zrusena.

      I started dabase with startup restrict and then try to run csalter.plb but the result is the same..

      Please help, I try to use search but without success. Thank you for any idea.