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      Hi All,
      I was installed OBIEE11g in linux box.
      I have to install all the future in my Development box.

      I have to install all the patched 6.1 and 6.2...BP1...BP2............6.5 or ?

      As per Veeravalli said
      those Patches not in when i select to download oracle support

      Product: Oracle Business Intelligence
      Release: OBI EE
      Platform: Linux x86-64

      Patch 14696072
      Patch 14733356
      Patch 14678543
      Patch 14733390
      Patch 14733413
      Patch 14665284
      Patch 14733370
      as well as

      Patch 13952743

      Could you please let us know any one If i want do fresh install then what are the patches download and install.

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          Once u downloaded OBIEE11.1.1.6 BP5 (BP5 is included all below BP1 , BP2, BP3, BP4) so you just apply BP5 because this is latest and most of the bugs fixed patch version.

          For the steps you can find README file "p14696072" patch file so follow steps to apply patch also take a review of my blog

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            Could you pls clarify below questions.

            1.OBIEE11.1.1.6 BP5 is not in the download list.And Where can i download Jdeveloper batch (•Patch 13952743)

            2.The Jdeveoper Patch is same for all Patches version,
            3. or Each patche version have the different Jdevelop.?

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              Go to My Oracle Support ---> Patches and Updates --->Product or Family (Advanced)--->and select
              product as "Oracle BI Suite EE" then your OS then, select Release as "OBI EE" then serch it, then it will filter and give your obiee11.1.1.6 BP6 just download it and apply it.

              For the JDeveloper(13952743) is not included with obiee family so u need to download seprately ..(just download obiee11

              Note: last week thursday latest obiee11. Bundle Patch is release so just download this apply it. the obiee
     Patchset will included (Obiee,,, BP1,, and

              Refer the read me

              Refer the download patch link


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                Christian Berg
                Best go for directly: http://hekatonkheires.blogspot.ch/2012/11/obiee-111166-patch-released.html
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