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      Hi guys,

      i am trying store order to order repository for anonymous user. i am using commitorderformhandler. But data is not going to database. can anybody help me.
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          Gopinath Ramasamy
          Can you please check the logs after enabling loggingDebug to true in the OrderRepository? Please check whether all the queries to store the order are executed successfully in the logs.

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            Tracking Guest Users

            Guests are anonymous users who have not registered and have not logged in. There are several different strategies you can use to track anonymous guest users:

            Maintain a session for each guest, using ATG’s session tracking, but do not attempt to gather any additional profile information.

            Maintain a profile for each guest in memory, using implicit profile properties, but discard the profile when the guest’s session expires.

            Maintain a profile for each guest in the database, using a persistent cookie to identify anonymous users on subsequent visits. Note, however, that most sites have large numbers of casual or infrequent users. If you maintain a profile for each person who visits your site even once, your database resource requirements may be very heavy.

            To maintain persistent profiles for guest users, perform the following steps:

            Set the persistentAnonymousProfiles property of the ProfileRequestServlet to true. With this setting, a new profile is created in the database for each anonymous visitor.

            Set the persistAfterLogout property of the ProfileRequestServlet to true. Setting this property ensures that a profile is created in the profile repository immediately after an anonymous user logs out of a Web site.

            Enable auto-login by setting the autoLogin property to true in the userprofile.xml file. (For more information, see Auto-Login with Cookies.)

            Configure your profile repository so that no properties are required (check the repository definition file to make sure that the required attribute is not set to true for any properties).

            Below thread may help you:
            Re: About anonymous user in atg?

            Hope it helps.

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              karthik chopperla
              Were you able to place the order succesfully?? ATG OOTB saves entire order in db when processOrder pipeline chain is invoked. So make sure your order is placed succesfully.

              Also make sure persistOrdersForAnonymousUsers is true in ShoppingCart.properties


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