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    LBYPROC not available with 11.5?

    Gregg M
      Hey there,

      I wanna run LBYPROC utility from the Windows command line, but I get the message that it's not a recognized command. I checked my DLL folder, and sure enough, cannot find the LBYPROC executable (verssion 11.5 p4 installed). I found it in an older DLL from 11.3, but it didn't work to simply copy/paste & use that version, because it then complained about the W32FIX.dll, and not being in sync with the "core library", etc.

      The Documentation for 11.5 (in the DocuToolBox pdf) still includes the Lbyproc utility, and still says it's called used by executing "Lbyproc", so what gives? Did Oracle forget to include it with the 11.5 (p4) release? Is it now called something else, and the documentation is outdated? Did I somehow delete it from my own DLL folder without realizing it? :)