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    fact Join Issue

      I am having star schema,Fact1 and dim1,dim2,dim3

      Now i am bringing one more fact table(fact2)..... common table between both fact i hav currency column like AED,INR,USD,other thn this i dont hav any common table to join with other dimension table

      so my join look like this


      After joining this if i try to drag column from dim1 and fact2,i do not get any result from fact2,
      I get below error

      Error:None of the fact tables are compatible with the query request

      so can i know how to make this work,is it possible?
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          What is the Granularity of oth the fact table....If both the fact table have same granuarity..then why are u designing in such a bad way...and if fact1 and fact 2 are of different grain the populate some wid of dim 1 in fact2
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            To fix your issue.. without looking at your data.. follow as below
            In BMM layer to the existing fact1->source properties-> General Tab
            Click on Add button and add the fact2 and pull required columns to existing logical fact table.

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