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    Master Spec Traceability Question

      We are on PLM4P, We have a user request to provide instruction for them to complete the following use case in the UI:

      User wants to find all material, formulation and trade specs where specific master spec is attached.
      User expected to go into the master spec and find a "where used" link in References, but that does not exist and no configuration value exists.
      User then went to Material Specs Search to look for Master Spec, and that does not exist either.
      Admin then went to Reporting and Ready Reports without success.

      Is there a configuration option to turn ON "Where Used" in Master Spec References Tab?
      Is there any way to provide a list of specs where a particular master spec is attached?
      UI List/URL link is our preferred presentation from the Master Spec Object. A reporting list solution would be acceptable to user as well.

      How are other current PLM4P users finding where Master Specs are related or referenced by other spec types?

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          You have two options currently:

          1. Out of the Box solution: You can use the global succession request as a search tool so you can evaluate everywhere the master specification is used.
          2. Create a very simple report that lists everywhere a master spec is used. You can add a navigation item to the master specification and when selected it could show you everywhere the master spec is used. The database schema is available as well as some relationship web services that could be leveraged. The report could be contextual so the end user doesn't have to input criteria, they would just click a link and it would run the report using the master specification they are currently on. More information around the db schema, web services and contextual reporting can be found in the extensibility pack.

          The tool has some design gaps around the explicit master spec use case (searching, smart issue, where used). The original use case for master specifications was the "implicit" relationship. You can automatically associate specifications to master specifications by using the applies to tab on the master spec. You associate master specifications based on spec type and spec category. Since this was the original intention of master specifications you can very easily see everywhere the master spec is used by just finding all specifications associated to that specific category. If this follows your use case I would recommend associating master specs in this implicit manner.

          Please submit an enhancement request letting us know how you are using master specifications. Please provide exact use cases around how you are using master specifications and why the implicit feature doesn't accomplish your goal. For example, "we are using master specifications to capture trade spec assembly instructions. These instructions are re-used across 5-10 trade specs but not all trade specs in a specific category". We do have plans to include explicitly associated master specs in future solutions so any information you could provide would benefit you when those solutions are delivered.
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            Hi Kelly, Thank you for the information. We were looking at Master Spec to see if it would solve our business use case. Without easy traceability, it has been deemed not suitable and we are now looking at alternative solutions. Thank you for your input. I am sure that this information will be useful in the future when we dive deeper into our customizations. Best, Beckie