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    Switch language at a page level

      How do we setup in order to have a link ( usually at the top-right of the page ) to switch between (for our case) ENG and CFR.
      This would allow us to change language instantenously at the page without having to logoff and login again with the other language.

      Right now we can only choose the language at signon time.

      Looked the peoplebook and searched online but not able to find how to get this activated.

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          See the SetLanguage function in PeopleBooks: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E28394_01/pt852pbh1/eng/psbooks/tpcl/htm/tpcl02.htm#_6453b1b1_1355ab71343__8b2
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            Unfortunately we try to stay away from customization.

            What we found is that we can set this up via
            PTools -> Utilities -> International -> Preferences ->
            (Change language in drop-down box) ( From here we should see a language drop-down box at top-right of EVERY page we would open )
            ( So we can switch between languages for that page just by choosing from that drop-down box )

            PROBLEM: We still dont know why this top-right drop-down box ( not the one in PTools -> Utilities -> International -> Preference page )
            appears for some users but invisible to others.

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              I thought this was managed at user level via Main Menu > My Personalizations then General Options en then set Multi Language Entry to Yes.
              This will enable the dropdown op the pages with different languages.