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    How to get parameterlist Keys

    Sridhar 1245
      am using parameter list to Call RunReport_Object from Forms.so i have one requirement to know the all the keys of parameterlist. If anybody know pls guide me.

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          Do you need all the Parameter list ?.. If you are in report, just press F1 you get all the list.
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            Sridhar 1245
            Thanks for reply,In my existing system,we are using parameterlist and add the parameter in number of packages
            by checking the conditions for various REPORTS.the finalized pyrometer list comes in some package there we call
            runreport object to run the report from form.

            Now we creating reports through BI Publisher, for that we created Proxy in that a java method placed this will
            takes parameter as userid ,password, report parameters(string array type), parameter values(string array type),report inputpath, outputpath,templates
            then it creating the report from BI.

            But in my existing all the report parameters in the forms of PARAMETERLIST. So how can i know what are the
            parameters in the parameterlist in form level.

            Presently we are passing report parameter and there values as ORA_JAVA.ARRAY (making all parameters and there values of report as ORA_JAVA.Array of type string from forms).

            So my requirement is how to know PARAMETERLIST SIZE AND THER KEY VALES IN FORM.

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              Andreas Weiden
              As far as i know you can't.