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    Migrating (uninstalling and reinstalling) agents from to

      We have an existing Cloud Control installation with about 40 agent deployments across our enterprise. Having run into many bugs in that are ostensibly fixed in, we are planning to upgrade - however it appears that the recommendation is to install a new Cloud Control and migrate agents from the old system to the new.

      We have installed the new system, but are looking for an efficient way to migrate the existing agents, as the Oracle docs state that the agent must be removed from the original system prior to adding to the new system. Not sure if Oracle docs are incomplete, as none of the instructions reference using the Cloud to 'Remove Target' on the agent (yet this functionality appears to exist) - I am hoping that given that we are able to deploy an agent through cloud we should also be able to remove it via cloud?

      If not, is the only way to remove by using the runInstaller -deinstall in each agent home across our enterprise? If so, the docs are somewhat sparse on which installed products to remove with the graphical installer, should I be removing:
      - agent12g1
      - sbin12g1
      - oracle_sysman_xxxxxx_12_1_0_1_0_discovery_Home0 (and all permutations?)