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    HOWTO: Forms Client as Stand Alone Application (executable Jar), no Browser


      First of all, this is not another description on how to run Forms with Java Web Start (too complicated to deploy..)

      This post is about how to create an Executable JAR file (Oracle Forms Client) which runs completely without/outside a browser

      I have been messing around with Java Web Start for a long time trying to get oracle forms to run without Browser - without much luck (too complicated to deploy e.g. to citrix environments, or to many users). Also, it didnt work for some of our older applications which are still using jinitiator.

      Now, the alternative I have found was Forms EXEJar, which basically just creates an executable JAR file that you can just directly run.

      Some things i have tried (+ some questions):
      - Running without Browser window: works fine - But i am not sure if it just "hides" the window, or if it really runs without? Please clarify.
      - I managed to run a jinitiator application without actually having jinitiator installed - What is the impact running it with the normal JRE - could there be compatibility issues?
      - I also tried to use "Launch4J" to wrap the created JAR file into an EXE no question here, I just think that's cool :D
      - The jar files which this tool creates - are they linked to "Windows" only or would they also work on Mac? Isn't the idea of java that it is "transferable"?

      Would be great if you could share your experiences with this tool - is it save enough to use in a production environment? It sure would make things easier (e.g. replacing jinitiator, no more Internet Explorer crashes, ...)

      Feedback greatly appreciated,

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      As highlighted by Simon below, I forgot to provide the link to the tool.. Here it is: http://www.talkingbyte.com/index.php?page=frmexejar

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          Ady Keeling
          Have you thought about running in a browser window without the decorations?

          We have a start page on our intranet for our applications that has housekeeping messages on etc. and a start button that calls forms in a seperate window with javascript something like:

          runWindow = window.open(URL,'WINDOWNAME'+(Math.round(Now.getTime()/1000)),'scrollbars,menubar=0,resizable=1,location=0,toolbar=0,height=689,width=931');

          The URL is a variable defined elsewhere in the script, the time is added to the window name to allow users to open more than one session, otherwise the first window opened would get hijacked by subsequent sessions being opened.

          This method is at least supported, unlike java web start.
          You should be using JRE as well as Jinitiator stopped being supported years ago.

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            I like the idea of running the oracle forms client without the browser alltogether as the Internet exlorer usually uses up a lot of memory (especially if you are running citrix with 100s of users, each one running their own instance..).

            Took me a while to find this ExeJAR tool, it is either quite new or not commonly used (Max missed to provide a link...), finally found it:

            All our clients are hooked up via a VPN (or Citrix), and we are having all sorts of troubles with Browser Versions, Browser Types, java versions, jinitiator versions, ... This seems like it might just solve all these user experience issues.

            I will do some testing and give you an update
            (I might try wrapping the jar to an .exe with bundled JRE --> Max mentioned Launch4j, anyone tried that yet?)

            br, simon
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              Ady Keeling

              We have control over our installed base and can ensure the browser and java version being used, so we have few worries on that front.

              Good luck.