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    OFR Classification without an ASSA field

    Bernard Chester
      I have built a new project with only one Base Class. Due to sorted inputs, all documents (semi structured) should be automatically recognized as in the base class. A further complication is that it turns out that I don't have an ASSA table, so no ASSA field.

      How do I train my sample set so new documents will be recognized? what classification scheme do i use? Maybe I don't need any classification, or i need to create a subclass?

      thanks for any assist
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          ASSA fields are not required, so that shouldn't be an issue.

          once you have created your doc class, on the properties, select a classification engine, sounds like brainware layout classification will work just fine. once that has been added you need to train the classification. add sample files, and head into train mode, with the files loaded, double click the classification you wish for them to be, then hit the learn button, once you have done that for all the samples, hit the train button and that will update the learnset. to validate this has worked, you can then choose the folder icon drop down, and choose 'learnset' and can see if your documents have been added.