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Hash table in APEX?

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My application is going to frequently get some data. Is it possible to increase performance by creating a hash table in APEX so that the application doesn't have to go into the PL/SQL tables every time?

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    matthew_morris Expert
    Currently Being Moderated that the application doesn't have to go into the PL/SQL tables every time?
    I'm not sure what you mean by this. If you have a small table that will contain often-queried lookup data, then creating the table with the CACHE clause and no index is possible. When the table is first queried, it will perform a full-table scan into the DB Block buffer cache. The CACHE clause changes the default behavior such that the blocks don't get aged out quickly. Subsequent queries will pull the data from memory rather than disk so long as it remains cached.
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    Oracle is a relational database and most, if not all the of Apex engine is stored within the database. This means that for anything you are likely to be doing, you are not going to get faster access to data than simply putting it in a table and then fetching it from there. If you find that data is not being pulled from the database as quickly as you require then the most likey course of action to follow will be a database/query tuning exercise.



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