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    Upgrade to BI apps


      I am a newbie to this forum. We are currently on on BI apps and OBIEE 10g. We would be going to R12 as ebiz shortly. Now for the reporting side, is it advisable to "upgrade" to or do a fresh install of and run full loads on the mappings and see the dashboards as out of the box.

      I understand that if we upgrade we have to update the metadata ( dac, infra, rpd and webcat) but how would they pick up the new mappings logic.

      Any one facing similar issues .. please suggest!

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          Ahsan Shah
          How much of 7961 have you customized and have you properly followed the proper development processes for OBIA (e.g keep INFA custom code in separate custom folders etc)? In general, you need to compare the effort of "7963 Reimplementaion + reapply customizations" versus "upgrade". There are several docs on Metalink and OTN that outline the upgrade steps and there are also some OBIEE 11g caveats with some of the OOTB OBIA RPD code. My advice is that if you dont have much 7961 ETL/DAC/OBIEE customization, a reimplementation may be better.

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            that sounds logical. However, if we upgrade we would never get the new code base of BI apps right ? the new mappings and rpd. Is there a way that anyone has merged the same
            from the rpd and the bi apps vanilla to the customized version upgraded ?

            Also, if we upgrade ( assuming that the OLTP source is unchanged) would it be advisable to run a full load as opposed to the upgrade of the data and resume the incremental ?

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              Ahsan Shah
              check the upgrade guide for OBIA in this section:
              6.12.4 Merging the Oracle BI Repositories
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                As i understand there are 3 components involved

                1. Custom BI Rpd to be merged with rpd
                2. Custom Infra mappings to be merged with mappings
                3. Custom DAC plans to be merged with dac plan.

                In the documentation its mentioned for point 1 as

                use OracleBIAnalyticsApps_79x.rpd + OracleBIAnalyticsApps.rpd + customer_OracleBIAnalyticsApps.rpd to get the Merged_Repository_OracleBI.rpd

                This is clear as its answered.

                For the Infra Mappings as mentioned in point 2

                Its mentioned that upgrade the customer_infra_mappings to 9.0.1 hotfix.
                copy the custom folders to the base_infra_mappings of

                I am not sure whether this would work as the data model might change.
                Have anyone used the same.

                Also any clue about the point 3.

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                  Hi all & *$

                  Were you able to merge the RPDs?

                  When I tried to merge the RPD after equalizing them I am having an issue : 'Finish' button is not enabled even after making decisions for all the conflicts.

                  If someone was able to successfull merge please let me know.


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                    hi mod,

                    i have not gone to that extend yet .. before merging . i upgraded the customer rpd to 11g. Now the question is do i have to upgrade the rpd from /biapps/upgrade/OracleBIAPPS_7962 also ?

                    if so whats the username and password ?