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    detailed docs on 12c OS install? losing router at OS install time

    Philip Brown
      hi folks,
      I'm trying to learn opscenter 12c, with an eye for doing OS deployments, for one thing.
      I've tried to find a detailed doc for this, but coming up empty.
      I stumbled across the opscenter 11 "advanced user guide", but there doesnt seem to be one for 12? is it hiding somewhere?

      btw, the specific problem I'm having at the moment, is related to a router gateway issue.
      My proxy controller is a single centralized box, but we have multiple subnets.
      (many, many subnets. Having a proxy controller on each, is not feasible)

      DHCP is working just fine. We have "dhcp-helper" properly defined in the ciscos. So at PXE boot time, the client is loading our initial OS bootstrap ramdisk from the proxy controller via tftp just fine, whether it be oracle linux, or redhat linux.

      However, when it starts doing the "real" install, it looks for the kickstart file... which is on the proxy controller... and it cant reach it, because it's somehow lost the gateway router definition that was there at PXE bootstrap time.

      In the install profile, I am getting to choose the particular subnet involved, and a static IP address for the client, which is rather important to have... but there is nothing I see there for gateway definition.
      That seems only to be an option at the DHCP network configs in opscenter. Which is already present.
      So what else can I do?