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    No data is shown in Linux

      I'm facing a problem in a forms application, it's a 11g R2. Whenever a run the form in Windows 7 64 bit, it connects to the database after I inform the credentials , fetch and show the data as expected. However, in Linux RHEL 5, it connects to the database but doesn't show any data. How could it be possible? How can I fix this bug?
      Thanks a lot

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          Anybody has ever gone through a similar situation?
          I didn't have a solution yet.
          Any help will be appreciated.
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            Christian Erlinger
            Except the advice that you should fire up your debugger and debug your form on linux there is not much to suggest here. The only thing we know is that it works on windows and doesn't work on linux, which can be caused by a range of things from faulty server configs to problems in your code to bugs.

            You are also aware that you must recompile your forms/libraries on the target platform and also know that this platform is case sensitive when it comes to filenames which can be a problem with call_form and attached libraries?

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              Thanks. I got a new information now.
              You said i have to recompile on target platform.
              How can I do it. I don't have Forms Builder on that Linux machine. I develop on Windows Environment and must deploy on Linux. So, i don't know how to compile without the Oracle Forms Builder and I just access that Linux Machine through ssh.

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                Christian Erlinger
                There is a forms compiler installed with every application server installation; it is located under $ORACLE_HOME/bin.
                At least for 10gR2 a X-Windows session was needed to invoke the forms compiler (only god knows why this is needed for a command line application), not sure if this also is the case for forms 11gR2. But if it is (you'll get a certain FRM error message) then ssh alone won't be enough as you need a ssh session with X-Windows forewarding. search google on how to do that.

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                  Mark Frankenfield-Oracle
                  As Christian noted, the compilers are included on the server side.
                  frmcmp_batch.sh is the command line (Non-Gui) version of the tool.
                  (Make Sure you set ORACLE_TERM, and TERM = vt220)

                  frmcmp.sh is the X11 Gui version.
                  Make sure that the above are set, as well as DISPLAY, and that 'xhost' has been run to allow the X11 session to connect on the receiving X11 Server.