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    How to propagate dDocTitle in Desktop Integration

      Hello all and sorry to interrupt your holyday.

      SR related: SR 3-6471130611
      We're using DIS 11.1.6 64-bits (2011_11_29 (rev 9756) in a Windows 7 64-bits workstation (the UCM is in a Linux machine). The check-in of images to UCM goes fine.
      But, even if the dDocTitle field is checked to heritage (in UCM), the dDocTitle it's not applied to the images inside the folder. I've to change dDocTitle one-by-one.
      The dDocTitle field is checked to inherit values.

      Is it possible to do the images inside a webDav folder receive the dDocTitle value from a parent folder?

      EDIT: Folders_g is enabled. DesktopTag too.
      EDIT2: Patch: 14695303 - WCC BUNDLE ( MLR 16 ) NOV 6 2012 applied.

      just an update:

      When I tried to propagate the metadata using the option shown with right mouse button, it didn't work.
      The metadata from the folder didn't go to the images inside it.

      It doesn't matter how many times I click the button, the metadata won't go.


      What do you mean by "if the dDocTitle field is checked to heritage"? Are you also using a custom component?
      -- See screenshot "doctitle1". There I can select the fields to inherit values. I selected "Titulo" (dDocTitle metadata). I want it, in the images I check-in, to inherit dDocTitle from the folder I have checked them. But even if I check the field to inherit the value it won't get it (in the images and the folders I created).
      I'm not using a custom component.

      How can I atribute the dDocTitle from the folder to the images inside it? Should it be automatic?


      I'm getting crazy about this issue...

      Thanks for your help, patience and teachings.


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