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    How to configure GPC code?

      based on user guide regarding UDEX and GPC code on Product Classification section on Trade Spec:

      If the UDEX Classification chosen has a direct mapping to a
      GPC Code, the GPC Code defaults to that value. Otherwise you can
      select the value

      however, under Admin > GSM Common, i can't seem to find a place to configure GPC code

      does anyone know how to choose NOT to link UDEX classification and configure GPC code directly?
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          We have that section config'd off our Trade Specs. Which I had forgot we did until I read your question. Now Im thinking I want it for our GDSN feeds.
          When I go to our 6.1 UDEX admin, and open it I get an unhandled error.
          So if its ok, Im going to pile onto your thread here and ask why Im getting this error when I try to go to ADMN > GSM Common > UDEX Classifications?
          Do I need to add some data to a table since we have never used the Product Classification section?

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            Hi, Trey:
            It seems a configvalue lost in your enviroment.
            Please confirm the data in table "commonTaxonomyNamespace".
            Do you find a row whose “NamespaceID” equals "GSMTaxonomy2161"?
            Normally, Its “ConfigValues” shoud be “NodeDO=Xeno.Data.Common.ISMILTaxonomyNodeDO,NodeMLDO=Xeno.Data.Common.ISMILTaxonomyNodeMLDO”
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              Yes that record is missing. Thanks.
              I hope someone has an answer to OPs question.