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        Philippe Ludwig
        why the team is called "OCP fraud"? They don't check for fraud people who pass OCA?
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          Matthew Morris
          why the team is called "OCP fraud"?
          Because "OCP OCA OCE OCM fraud" is too much of a mouthful.
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            Thanks for the reply..

            Lets see what happens
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              Brandye Barrington-Oracle
              I'm really not sure how I've missed this interesting thread for so many days. I just wanted to quickly weigh in. We do our best to catch those who are cheating or who are perpetuating cheating. We have several measures in place and are developing new measures ongoing. We do not catch every person who cheats - though we would like to! If your friend has not been caught so far, he is lucky. As mentioned earlier - there is no way to "un-cheat." If we discover and can prove that a candidate has cheated, we will invalidate exam records and also revoke any resulting certifications. In many cases, we will also ban the candidates from testing for one year, after which they can re-test and earn the certifications the proper way - with study and hard work. In the most egregious cases, we will sometimes ban a candidate for life.

              If your friend has not been caught, it is unlikely that he will be caught in the future for this particular cheating incident (unless you would like to provide his details). He should breathe a sigh of relief and stop cheating. Now that you know using dumps is cheating, I hope that you will help to evangelize this point among your peers. Sure, dumps are easy to find on the internet and use, but I think a very very good point has been made on that. If you cheat to pass your exam, will you be able to get a job, or have you wasted $150 or more on certification exams because you cannot backup your resume with the appropriate knowledge? One of the biggest benefits of certification is the process of preparing for the exam. This process makes you a better technologist. THIS is what helps you get a job. Hiring managers have seen cheaters over and over and over again, and they never perform. So, you should ask yourself if your goal is just to pass an exam, or is it to learn something? It appears that this thread has been eye-opening for you, so I hope that you will find a new approach to preparing for your exams and also for your future.

              Brandye Barrington
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                Brandye Barrington wrote:
                I'm really not sure how I've missed this interesting thread for so many days. ....
                Probably because you wanted to see how I will answer ;-)

                I am being led by one who taught with chickens south of Bangalore. Not Aman. Though a lot would do well to read the mantras of his site or fishworks than be slaves to the City of Gold.

                I have been considering what i wish to say of the trainer, what I wish to say of the candidate should they risk to confess, and what I wish to say of the candidate should they risk to not confess. Both moral and practical.

                However I have deternined the machine, even if not sparc, can identify the braindump user within eight questions. Fascinating.

                .... To the King of Forum 1400 .... WDP has something to answer perhaps? A lot of igginess for me to dream. It takes time.
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