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    NPD Workflow Cancel Locks IE

      This is a really strange one 2 different users on two different PCs are having issue with in, patched to 32. Thought Id post here first before I open SR.
      They open an NPD activity ususally from an email notification they have received. They click the workflow button for the activity, and the workflow popup appears.
      Sometimes they realize they are not ready to workflow it, so they hit the Cancel button. The popup disappears, but then the activity and the browser is completely locked up.
      No scroll bars, no buttons work. They have to close the browser and start over.

      Now here is the weird part. I cant reproduce this on my Win 7, IE 8 laptop. Had a team member also try on his Win7, IE 8 machine. Works fine.
      These 2 users are Win XP, IE7. So we found another third Win XP with IE 7, and cant reproduce there either.
      So we compared all IE7 settings between this machine and the users, but everything matches.

      Anyone have an idea?
      And we cleared local IE caches too.
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          ok we figured out what was going on here. If your editing an NPD activity and while in edit mode you click workflow, and then decide to cancel the wf popup using the Cancel button, the IE screen never refreshes. The scroll bars never return. To the user it looks like IE "locks up".

          Well I discovered if you simply click over to another tab and then back to the tab your were on it does the refresh and the scroll bars come back.

          We opened an SR because this is not acceptable behavior for a user that edits Routing Requirements all the time.