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    Oracle Admin Tool Client

      Hi ,

      I'm facing a lot of problems with Oracle BI admin client Tool that I installed in my Windows 7 to use my cubes ( my Oracle BI server is in a Unix machine ).

      The error that I face is *[nQSError : 6001] Connection failed for Remoote Service-JavaHost-AWImportService11G with message [nQSError : 77029] Java Host is not available inside the function AWImportService11G of SAW RPC modules ...*

      I'm sure my NSQConfig file is okey, with the server address and port 9810 in Javahost config. And I made sure Javahost sevice is running .

      I heard that Oracle BI admin tool Client is a light version of the whole Oracle BI, so there are some missing components ... I thought about unstalling the whole Oracle BI in my windows 7 machine to use my cubes that are in the unix machine.

      Do you think it's a good idea ? is there anyone facing the same problem ?

      Thax all !

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          The Admin Client Tool is about the same as that on the server where the full system is installed. When you say uninstalling the whole Oracle BI system on your Windows 7 computer, do you meant the Client Tools or do you have a full OBIEE instance on your personal computer as well? Also, what version of Windows 7 are you on? What version of OBIEE do you have installed on the Unix server and what version Client Tools are you using?
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            Oh, I mean uninsall Oracle BI Admin Tool Client , and install the whole Oracle Business Intelligence in my Windows 7 32 bits.

            Well, the whole story is that :

            -I have a Oracle BI system in a remoot unix server.
            -I used AWM in my Win7 32 , to create cubes : Now, I need to administrate my cubes to make reports.
            -So, I installed Oracle BI Admin tool Client in my Win7 machine : But when I try to create a New repository to get my cubes , I get the nQSError 60001 and 77029 Errors, even If I made the right changes.
            -Now, As I'm stuck, I'm thinking about an alternative... I don't know if installing the whole Oracle BI in my Win7 machine is a good alternative ... And if I do so, what type of Installation I need to follow ...

            Thanks for your reply
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              Ok, is it Windows 7 Home Premium, Ultimate, Professional? Also the version of Client Tools vs the OBIEE Installation on the server? I also updated your other post about the same issue so check that out too. You need not install the full OBIEE system in your computer, you should be fine just using the Client Tools.

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                I have a

                -Win7 Professional

                -Client : biee_11.1.1.5_client

                -OBIEE version on the server :

                Thank you !
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                  Yes, Client tool should work without problem, but I think I was unlucky ...I ended installing the whole obiee package, and it went fine...

                  Thanks for your help JaiG !!