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    Sorting in ODI during loading

      I have a scenario, I have a source flat file of Employee name. I have to load that in Essbase according to Employee first name alphabetically. But in Source file it is not in thae same order. Lets takean example,

      Source.txt will be

      Account,Employee name, Period, Year, Entity, Scenario, Version, Data
      Salary, Peter, Jan, FY10,LA,Actual,Draft1,5000
      Salary, Robert, Jan, FY10,LA,Actual,Draft1,4800
      Salary, Bob, Jan, FY10,LA,Actual,Draft1,9000
      Salary, Anna, Jan, FY10,LA,Actual,Draft1,6000
      Salary, Collin, Jan, FY10,LA,Actual,Draft1,2000

      Please help me.