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    Error Importing Run Time events

      Hello! I have a problem. Attempt to import a RTE file (personalization.xml) and get the following error:

      We detected an Error which may have occurred for one or more of the following reasons:

      Import file is not a valid Siebel object export file. The file being imported is missing the required attribute 'Updated' of the 'Row' element and cannot be imported.(SBL-UIF-00105)

      i check the file and is the same that i was previously imported .

      Can somebody help me?
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          [solution file| [solution file - PDF|http://www.filesend.net/download.php?f=d9fba6820c7e8d28a21e009e3ad38e0d]]


          I read about the error SBL-UIF-00105 at oracle support and they bring solution.

          Download the guid for the solution (from Oracle)

          [solution file - PDF|http://www.filesend.net/download.php?f=d9fba6820c7e8d28a21e009e3ad38e0d]

          Good luck,

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