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    How to fill data into Star schema?

      Hi all,

      I am starting research into DW and i read that DW said the star schema is must have for DW. I designed 4 tables and 1 fact table which have relationship together in target module, 4 table receive data from source table and fact table just contain primary key of 4 tables as the foreign key. Now my problem is i don't know how to fill primary key into fact table by ETL. Data just fill into 4 tables. Can somebody suggest me how should i do to design a correct star schema?

      Assume source table have 4 tables are account, fund_transfer, dealer, company.

      P/s: sorry for my Bad English and the stupid question.
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          David Allan-Oracle
          Normally the ETL maps to load a fact table will load the rows and lookup surrogate keys for the referenced dimension members. In OWB you can do this using the lookup operator, and if youy use the OWB smart components such as cube and dimension this is what happens under the covers. There are a whole bunch of complexities handled by the cube/dimension operators that alleviate a lot of grunt work from the ETL developer.

          You can look at the blog post here for some background on those operators;

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            Thank you for your reply