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    Problem with running standalone java application as a jvm target I'm plugin

      I want to monitor my java app in EM 12c
      I followed the steps I'm chapter 16(16.7.3) in the ProgrammersReference
      I looked in the table 16-1.in the admin port property I gave a port num as it's written:
      in the command line of the machine (Linux) I run the application with the argument:-Dcom.sun.management.I'm remote.port=5000
      The app strated to rum and printed :Local JMX connector started.so I fuigure it's ok for monitoring.
      When I add a jvm target as above chapter I enter the 5000 for the port num.
      After I finished adding this, everything looks ok,but when I look in all the targets (I have some others) I see that "jvm is down"..
      What is missing or wrong?