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      We have an object form and many other forms with a subclassed block from the object form.

      My understanding is that if I change something in the object form (or template form), that should reflect in all other forms after recompilation of the other forms.

      I tried changing the prompt of a field in the base form. Then recompiled both the base form as well as the other form with a subclassed block from the base form.

      During runtime (using forms builder) , the new prompt is not displayed but the old prompt is displayed. Any idea why this is happening?

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          Inheritance only works with forms (objects) stored in Object Library (*.olb file). Make sure that you subclass from such library and this library (last version) is on your path when you compile the form. Additionally you cannot brake the inheritance - if so no inheritance takse place. Broken ingheritance is marked with little red x on before property name on Property palette.