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    Bugs in HFM ?

      Dear experts,

      I want to know if my issue below is caused by bug in HFM v11.
      FYI, I'm using EPMA and my HFM is shared with Dimension Library

      1. After running a consolidation, my elimination journal is created as I wanted. Clicking on Manage Journal brings me to the list of journal (above) and below is journal detail. But when i want to move to one journal and another, i got warning on the screen "The journal you are trying to load has been deleted and cannot be processed. Please refresh the journal list". I didn't intend to delete or do anything to the journal, only wants to view it. So, when I lower down the viewing screen, i'm able to select the journal list without any prompt message and i pull up again the journal view and voila!! the screen displaying my other journal. This is not happening when i'm viewing a normal journal (as in <entity cur adjs> level)

      2. In my server, I have STAT application restored, also have my own application. STAT app, has many aliases: English, French, German, etc, while my apps has alias English, AliasTemp1, AliasTemp2. When I go to workspace, trying to change alias from preferences menu, I notice that STAT app is on the first list. So I click on dropdown and change the app, i select my own app. But the language dropdown doesn't change, means, it still point to STAT app.

      3. I want to change my consolidation method's name from dimension library. I changed it from CostConsol to CostMethod. Since my apps is a shared one, i check that in my app, the name has been changed (from view application). After validating and deploy, I open Ownership Management to check the name. The name hasn't change yet, still using the old one. How to change the consol method name ?

      4. In consolidation rules file, you always has syntax call MyDataUnit.GetItem(i, strAccount, strICP, strCustom1, strCustom2, strCustom3, strCustom4, dData). I have more than 4 custom dimension (i have 6). I want to include all 6 into this syntax, but my consolidation is aborted. Does this syntax only limit to custom4 dimension ?

      5. I want to retrieve POWN and Parent value by using HS.Parent.Member and HS.Node.POWN(""). According to admin guide, both syntax can be run in Calculation Subroutine(). But i tried, it doesn't work.

      6. In Sub Equity Pick up, I can't execute HS.EXP command. It always generates an error.

      Please help if anyone knows/aware that this is happening in HFM v11. or maybe i did something wrong with the code.